2020 summer fashion: 3 ways to spice it up

The year 2020 will be known as the year when staying at home in pajamas became fashionable. It seemed like everything considered to be fun disappeared. However, the sliver lining was that immediate family members became closer, people learnt new things and cooking at home became a fun activity. The world found new ways to love and be vulnerable together.

After quarantine is over, Summer will be the next big thing! Families and friends can see each other again with some safety precautions under the warm sun. Beaches will be lively again, farmers markets and arcades will finally see happy faces! Social distancing should not mean fashion distancing! How can you embrace the beauty of meeting people again and be fabulous this summer?

  • Accessorize with color: Step out in style this summer with some fabulous colored accessories . Let your style convey a fun and exciting vibe that will become instant conversation starters.
  • Explore unique pieces: Be open to including unique fashion pieces that will convey the vibrant new you. Enjoy the beauty of a new clutch purse, bracelet or earring to refresh your look.
  • Be Open to new trends and have fun: Be positive and explore summer trends; you may be pleasantly surprised. 

2020 has certainly thought us to make the most of what we have. Enjoy the beauty of family, friendship and fun this summer with some fashionable and colorful accessories



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